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Our Mission

Uncompromised Style & Performance
Drawing inspiration from international fashion and cutting-edge technology, SOVARO embodies sleek, elegant aesthetics and thoughtful, intuitive design. Our mission is to elevate the art of entertaining through unique, innovative and purposeful products built for wherever life takes you.

From versatile coolers to tasteful tumblers and elegant barware, SOVARO products are designed to accentuate every unforgettable experience. Whether you’re caffeinating your morning commute or embarking on a weekend getaway, SOVARO stands for serious style plus an unparalleled suite of features. Our line of luxury products sets the standard in form and functionality, and our brand stands committed to exceeding expectations at every occasion.

Current adventure The SOVARO Product Development team is currently working on new cooler and barware models designed to match your personality.

SOVARO Tumblers are perfect for keeping your drinks cold while yachting off the Gulf Coast on those sizzling summer days.

Elegant in their simplicity, yet thoughtful in design, SOVARO products offer unsurpassed luxury and on-the-go convenience.

Why Cork?*

Natural Insulator

Derived from thick, rugged bark providing natural protection from forest fires, cork is proven resistant to temperatures up to 1,000° F.

Renewable Resource

Cork is harvested once every nine years. This process is completed by hand without damaging the trunk. Quercus suber (cork oak trees) live over 300 years.

Unique Aesthetic

Since antiquity, cork has been sought for its natural beauty and timeless style. Because each cork strip is 100% unique, no two Sovaro coolers look alike.

*Featured exclusively on our Hard-Sided Cooler collections