Become a Retailer

If you are interested in becoming a Sovaro retailer, please fill out the form below.

WHOLESALE PRICING: All prices charged by Sovaro for sales to authorized wholesale customers (“Resellers”) are solely for Sovaro Products purchased by the Reseller for direct sale to end user consumers in the United States and its Territories. Reseller is prohibited from resale of Sovaro Products to other resellers in the United States or elsewhere.

MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE REQUIREMENT: Sovaro has adopted a unilateral Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy to maintain the premium value of Sovaro Products and Sovaro brand image, and promote Resellers’ customer service and support for Sovaro Products. Reseller acknowledges notice and receipt of the current version of the Sovaro MAP Policy, and should monitor the Sovaro website for future changes to the Policy.

ONLINE SALES:Sovaro does not allow Reseller to sell Sovaro Products online, except for those retail locations that also stock inventory in store or have explicit written permission from Sovaro, which may be granted or declined in Sovaro’s sole discretion. This includes Reseller’s own website,, eBay, any other online marketplace, and any other third party website operating in the United States or elsewhere.

NEW ACCOUNTS: First time minimum order is $500.00 USD. In some cases Sovaro Products must be ordered in case quantities of two (2) or six (6). A completed Reseller application must be submitted through A Retailer Exemption Certificate must be received by Sovaro prior to first shipment to avoid sales taxes.

New accounts will be opened at Sovaro’s sole discretion based upon market conditions and other factors deemed relevant by Sovaro. Each individual resale location of Reseller must be approved by Sovaro. Please allow up to 2-5 business days for a reply, response times may vary seasonally.

ESTABLISHED ACCOUNTS: Minimum account maintenance is $5,000 annually. If annual volume is not reached the account will become inactive.

INACTIVE ACCOUNTS: Previously established accounts that have not met the minimum annual maintenance will become inactive. To be reinstated, inactive accounts will be subject to reassessment and may be reopened at Sovaro’s sole discretion.

PAYMENT TYPE: We require payment by credit card. Merchandise and applicable freight charges will be charged to your credit card when your order is shipped. Accounts will be emailed a receipt once the order is shipped. Processing time can vary per order.

ORDER PROCESSING TIME: For orders in stock, processing time is 2-5 business days. Changes/edits to an order must be made within 24 hours of the order being submitted. Any changes requested after 24 hours cannot be guaranteed.

SHIPPING: Freight charges apply and will be added to invoice upon processing. Reseller must provide any special shipping instructions or guidelines at the time the order is placed. Reseller shall be responsible to file damages with the carrier for the unlikely and unfortunate event of damage that occurs in transit.

CLAIMS & RETURNS: Reseller should contact Sovaro Customer Service for information regarding claims and returns.

All orders are subject to the acceptance of Sovaro. Sovaro Products may be sold at locations approved by Sovaro. Sovaro Products may only be sold to end user consumers and not to third party resellers of any kind or locations. Transfer of Sovaro Products to unauthorized resellers or to unauthorized locations is prohibited. The business relationship between Sovaro and each Reseller is “AT WILL” that is, Sovaro is free at any time to choose those with whom it wishes to deal. Moreover, Sovaro reserves the right at any time to terminate the relationship for any reason whatsoever.