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  • How do I sign up to receive email updates?

    To receive email updates about Sovaro products, input your email address in the field provided at the bottom of any page and press “sign up”.

  • How do I get a catalog?

    To understand more about The Sovaro Difference and receive a printed catalog about our coolers, click on the link below or on the link that says “Request a catalog” which can be found on the bottom of any page. Request a catalog

  • How do I set up My Account?

    There are two ways to access My Account. You can click “My Account” at the top of each page or “Sign In” at the bottom of each page. Both will take you to a log-in page that allows you to create an account or sign-in to an existing account. Having an account allows you to save your personal information, expedite checkout, track orders and more.

  • How do I change my password?

    Go to My Account at the top of the page or “Sign In” at the bottom of the page. There is a “forgot your password” link located below the log-in. Enter your email address and receive an email with a link to update your password.

  • How do I update my contact and/or billing information?

    Log into your account and there will be links provided that allow you to update your personal information, shipping and billing address.

Product Information

  • What does Sovaro mean?

    Sovaro does not directly translate to any specific word nor is it defined in the English dictionary today however, it was discovered in research on how corkwood was used back in the 14th century. Portuguese shipworkers used cork for its durable and buoyant properties when building ships and referred to the corkwood as ‘sovaro’. Given the importance of cork as the prime insulator in our coolers, it is the perfect brand to highlight this truly unique material.

  • Where are the Sovaro coolers manufactured?

    Our coolers are proudly manufactured in the USA with global materials. Sovaro is about luxury and finding the best part for every element of the cooler. We have sourced parts across the world including cork straight from the farms in Portugal.

  • Is the cooler durable?

    Sovaro coolers are made of a high impact, scratch resistant polymer that will hold up over time and can withstand any normal handling. Sovaro coolers are expected to be with you throughout your experiences in life and are built to endure your travels.

  • Where does cork come from?

    Derived from the bark of Cork Oak trees in Portugal, cork is harvested once every 9 years without damaging the tree.

  • What differentiates the Sovaro coolers?

    There are many key features that set Sovaro coolers apart. Each is designed with purpose and provides a premium and effortless sophistication to the line of Sovaro coolers.
    The Sovaro difference “Inside”
    The Sovaro difference “Outside”

  • Is the cooler food-safe?

    The inner basin of the cooler is manufactured using a food-safe plastic.

  • How long does the cooler keep ice?

    There are a number of variables that can affect ice retention so it is tough to guarantee a set number of days. Sovaro coolers are designed in a way that balances ice retention, mobility and capacity. The walls of the cooler are built with strength and superior insulation leveraging both radiant barriers and cork to keep the heat out and the contents cold.
    See the layers of the insulating walls

  • What size cooler should I purchase?

    Each size is built for easy handling and convenience with the full extension handle, cast side handles and luggage-style wheels. Each size is also tall enough to hold wine bottles and your favorite spirits. When it comes to picking the right size it really comes down to capacity. The 30 quart will hold 8 bottles of wine, the 45 quart will hold 12 bottles of wine and the 70 quart will hold 18 bottles of wine.
    See our size guide

Cooler Care

  • How should the cooler be cleaned?

    Sovaro coolers can be cleaned using non-abrasive cloth, mild soap and warm water. For tougher stains and odors, use a solution of warm water and mild-detergent to scrub the affected areas. Make sure to completely air dry your cooler with the lid open before using or storing it. Store your cooler in a cool and dry location.

  • Is there a warranty?

    Sovaro coolers carry a five year limited warranty.
    Warranty information

Shipping and Delivery

  • What is a pre-order?

    Pre-orders allow consumers to reserve their Sovaro Coolers in the exact finish and size preferred. Orders will be processed in order of receipt when the product is available for delivery. Estimated ship dates are provided on the Product Information page as well as at Checkout.

  • Will my credit card be billed immediately once an order is placed?

    In processing a pre-order, your credit card will not be charged until the product ships. When the product is ready to ship, the customer’s credit card will be verified and charged. The customer that is being billed for the order will receive a delivery confirmation email along with tracking information.

  • What are the shipping costs?

    Sovaro coolers offer free shipping every day to Continental US. There is a minimal flat fee of $50 to Alaska, Hawaii and Guam. Rates to Canada will be calculated at checkout based on International Shipping Rates.

  • Can I ship a cooler as a gift?

    Yes. When placing the order, there will be an option to select “yes” to the question “Is this a gift?” The individual placing the order will have the option to input a brief message at no charge that will be included in the package. The amount billed will not show on the receipt included in the package if it is selected to be shipped as a gift to a specified address.

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